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Hydro Seeding

The Wonder of a Hydro Seeded Lawn...

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Hydro seeding is the quickest and most effective way to establish a new lawn from seed. The hydro seeding process is also efficient in repairing and over-seeding lawns, preventing erosion on slopes, and seeding hard to access areas.

A combination of water, grass seed, hydro-mulch, and fertilizer is mixed to create a slurry. This mix is then sprayed onto prepared soil in one operation.

The advantage is in the slurry mix, which absorbs and stores water, allowing the grass seed to germinate under ideal conditions.

With proper care, a hydro seeded lawn will show growth within five to seven days and complete germination at three weeks. They hydro seeding process creates a healthy soil environment and well established lawn that will prove its value for years to come.

Some Things You Should Know About Sod...

While sodding your new lawn is certainly more expensive than hydro seeding, there are some other points to consider:

  • There are fewer grass types available than you could find in seed form.
  • Sod choices are usually limited to grass types best suited for sunny locations.
  • Sod is a transplanted grass that may or may not survive transplant shock and transform into a healthy, well-established lawn.
  • Sodded lawns are not kid and pet-proof for at least four weeks or until roots have begun to establish.

The Bottom Line Difference...

Newly hydro seeded lawns require similar care to newly sodded lawns but the difference is that hydro seeding creates an overall healthier lawn by establishing a deeper root base. Hydro seeded lawns are kid and pet-proof AND ready for the first mowing after four weeks.

hydroseeded lawn

hydroseeded lawn